Ram Classic 1500 Warlock

Ram 1500 Classic: Full Size Truck With Mid Size Price

Americans well-read in their automotive history might have a hard time conjuring the most recent name of America’s formerly third-largest automaker. Indeed, there have been many mergers, un-mergers, and acquisitions related to the automaker-formerly-known as Chrysler. Chrysler Corporation itself no longer exists, nor do companies such as “Daimler-Chrysler” or “Fiat-Chrysler.” Chryslers, Dodges, and Rams are … Read more

America’s Cheapest New Truck

In late 2021, the 2022 model year Ford Maverick started shipping from Hermosillo, Mexico to Ford dealers across the United States, America’s cheapest brand new truck. It debuted at the $19,995 msrp price point, and the first year of inventory was quickly depleted. In subsequent years, due to high demand and explosive inflation, Ford has … Read more

Nissan Titan Crew Cab

Say Goodbye To The Nissan Titan

Despite Titanic efforts across two generations, Nissan has been unable to sway American buyers away from the Big-3 full size trucks. Chevrolet Silverado, GMC Sierra, Ram 1500, and Ford F-150 continue to top the American vehicle charts, embarrassing the likes of sedans, SUVs, and most importantly, the foreign full size truck competition. The Titan will … Read more

Toyota Tacomas

The Final 6 Cylinder Tacoma Bows Out

Toyota’s 3rd generation Tacoma has been in production since 2015. After eight years being America’s (distant) fourth best selling truck overall and America’s first best-selling midsize truck, the Tacoma is getting a brand-new redesign. If you yearn for the days where vehicles could be put in neutral with a dead battery and could accomplish basic … Read more

Hyundai Santa Cruz

The Hyundai Santa Cruz is Half-Truck, Half-Crossover, 100% Useful

Appealing to prospective auto buyers of all persuasions is the new Hyundai Santa Cruz pickup crossover. Practical with four doors but with a small bed like a pickup truck, many would-be crossover and small truck buyers will want to consider it. Built in Alabama, U.S.A., the Santa Cruz is made by Korean “chaebol” Hyundai Motor … Read more

Ford F-Series

Ford: The Best Selling Trucks In America

While Ford hasn’t managed to keep the Taurus atop sales charts, the full-size F-Series formula keeps trucking. The Ford F-Series is the long-standing best-selling truck in America, topping the charts for 46 years. Furthermore, it has been the best selling vehicle in America for 41 of those years. Ford’s trucks today can pack a lot … Read more

Chevy Truck Dealer

Inside The General Motors Truck Lineup

The second best selling truck in America is the Chevrolet Silverado; the Ford F-Series has long occupied the top spot. When the Silverado joins forces with its platform-mate, the GMC Sierra, however, it’s actually neck-in-neck with the F-Series. The Silverado/Sierra’s claim to fame is towing capacity, and it continues to be Like A Rock in … Read more