Mobility Vans: What You Need To Know

61 million adults in America have some form of disability, which is roughly one in four. Fortunately, there are now numerous disabled transportation options, including handicap accessible vehicles.  There are different kinds of conversions for vehicles you may be familiar with, like the Toyota Sienna, the Chrysler Pacifica, and even the Chevrolet Silverado.  Read on … Read more

Auto Insurance Pig

How To Save On Auto Coverage

One of the best ways to save is to know exactly how much coverage you need. There are hundreds of companies, and getting online quotes makes competitive price shopping easier than ever. Determining how much you need requires asking a lot of questions about your car, how you own it, how often you drive and … Read more

SUV showcase

Get A Car With Less Than Perfect Credit

Getting a loan for a car can be difficult when your credit isn’t great. Fortunately, there are companies which specialize in helping all kinds of consumers get a car. Many companies now use GPS tracking capabilities in the event of default, so beware that if you don’t pay, your car may be in the lurch. … Read more

Young Truck Driver

America Needs Truck Drivers

As the country battles inflation, wage gains are going to regular Americans, as employers struggle to staff many working-class jobs across America. The need for truck drivers is surging due to increased demand transporting goods, increased consumer preference for prompt delivery, and the ongoing trucking shortage which has only been exacerbated in recent years.  The … Read more

Piggybank In Dollar Bill Pile

2023 Bank Bonuses & Interest Rates

2023 has the banking industry up in arms. Many banks find themselves with insufficient deposits, such as Silicon Valley Bank and First Republic Bank. Securities many banks held became much less valuable in the past two years as the Federal Reserve hiked interest rates. This has led many banks clamoring to get more deposits from … Read more

iPhone SE

How Seniors Are Saving On Cell Phones & Service

The big decision for many looking for a smartphone is whether to get “Apple” or “Android.”  The differences between the two kinds of phones are becoming less and less.  Apple fans may prefer the convenience of “iMessage,” which connects one iPhone to another, while Android fans get to enjoy seamless Google-suite integration, including having Google … Read more

man cutting a cable

How To Save On Internet & TV

There’s more ways now to get TV and Internet deals than ever. Traditional cable companies now offer internet services and mobile phone connections, while internet companies have gotten into television programming; not to mention satellite dishes and mobile phone companies like Verizon and T-Mobile getting into the home internet service sphere. With this dizzying array … Read more